Faed Artists


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 The pictures on this page have been photographed and scanned, or captured by video grabbing software, they have then been "enhanced" to try to restore their original colours and sharpness. After all that post processing the images were converted to 256 colours and reduced in size to speed up the page download time. As a result they do not do the originals justice, but will give you some idea of the type of pictures produced by the various Faed artists.

If you have any Faed pictures I would be please to see scanned images of them and would if you were happy for me to do so, include them on my web site. This could be with, or without information as to their source.

The artists

These photographs are of my grandfather, William Cotton Faed and My Uncle, Francis (Frank) Faed. I do not have photographs of any of the other Faed artists and most of them died before photography was in common use. However their artist relatives and friends sometimes painted them and as I update and expand the Faed Picture gallery I will include pictures of many of the Faed artists as possible.


W.C. Faed dated 1926. ………….. Frank Faed

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