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Jethou from Herm with Guernsey in the distance.

From September 1964 until December 1971 the Island was occupied by the Faed family consisting of Mr Angus Faed, his wife Susan Faed and their four children, Colin, Erik, Colette and Amanda. Mrs Susan Faed was the 22nd tenant of Jethou.

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View from Crevichon Sandy beach North up this way!
House & Garden area Cafe & Landing Area
Stables in wood Here be Puffins!
Upper path, West coast North field The "Gibbet" Fairy Wood
South field
Devil's Hole
South-West Coast Near Fauconniere Nothing here!

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House & Garden,

Cafe & Landing area,

Fairy Wood.

Fauconniere area


Devil's Hole

Assorted photos

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"Watch and Warn"

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