Jethou Homepage

Jethou's sheltered walled garden facing North, taken January 1970. Mulberry Tree to left.

Photo taken facing South dated April 1968 Wallflowers

Mulberry Tree, 15 January 1966

Mulberry Tree, planted early 1700's

Angus Faed on "Fred" the mini tractor with the old cottage (damaged during the war) in the background.

"Fred" the tractor



Balcony, North side of house

Susan & Angus Faed with "Zela" and one of her Daughters

Old gunpowder store used to house electricity generator

Old Powder Store, below main house



Old pond next to lower vegetable garden.

This was later filled in to solve the mosquito problem it caused. Nearby is a well capped with stone lintels and covered with earth that has a secret chamber built into the side of it near the water level, this was discovered by Angus Faed who descended into the well on a rope!

 Erik, Colette, Colin & Amanda Faed

Angus Faed on "the Wriggley" just in front of the Old Cottage

Wriggley three wheeler