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Druid's Grove, Fairy Wood, April 1966   Fairy Wood.

The standing stone at the entrance of the wood has a hole that was said to line up with another long lost stone on Herm in the time of the Druids

  The Druids were said to have built all the stone walls around Jethou to prevent erosion, as they cultivated the Island extensively, even forming substantial terraces on the south side of the Island. Several standing stones remain and evidence of stone structures are still visible including, it is said, a Dolmen that was partially removed for it's stones in a less enlightened era.
In the Spring the the display of bluebells was a sight that cannot be really be appreciated on a photo. In Winter the atmosphere was quite different, almost brooding.    Druid's Grove, Fairy Wood, 15th January 1966
Area to East of Fairy wood   Susan Faed with her dog "Jet"