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View of Crevichon from Jethou

Sandy beach on North-East side of Crevichon and view from East showing the quarry

Colette & Amanda Faed with Robin the donkey

View of Jethou from Crevichon

Jethou from Crevichon

During the Second World War of the 19th of November a German aircraft (HE111 bomber) crashed between Jethou and Cevichon.

While I had been told this was due to the anti-aircraft gunners on Brehon tower mistaking it for an Allied aircraft and shooting it down, a later explanation seems to indicate an engine fire on the aircraft after it took off from it's base in France to bomb a target in England caused it to divert to Guernsey, but the aircraft cashed before it could get there.

Whatever the cause, in the 1960s there was still many small bits of the aircraft to be found on the lower South side of Crevichon and at low tide on the beach between Jethou and Crevichon. This made the impact site appear to be around the high tide mark on the South of Crevichon. There was some damage done to the main house on Jethou and the Old Cottage behind it was completely gutted. It was said that the aircraft came over Jethou from the South in a steep dive and that in a last ditch attempt to lose weight and pull out of the dive the crew released their bomb load causing the damage on Jethou. This seems plausible as the damage to the Old Cottage seemed too severe to be caused by the exploding plane hitting Crevichon so far away. The old stone building (possibly a powder house for the quarry on Crevichon) was no doubt damaged as well.

Needless to say the crew were not only all killed, but they and their aircraft were pretty much blown to pieces. A local Fisherman told us that he had been forced by the germans to take them out in his boat and he was then made to fish out from the sea what remained of the crew. This leads me to think the crash happened when the tide was up as the area where the wreckage was is easily accessible on foot at low tide.


A Heinkle 111 of the type reported to have crashed on Crevichon.