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My full Name is Colin Faed, I was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands UK in August 1957 and for about seven years from the age of seven I lived with my family on a small Island near Guernsey called Jethou.

I now live in Jersey with my Partner Zaryn.

Zaryn and myself on holiday Hobbies:

Well, maintaining and improving our house and garden take up a lot of my spare time, however I do get a bit of time to dabble with my PC, some digital photography and the odd bit of on-line gaming. I used to hang glide but after a move a few years ago which left me with nowhere to keep my glider I sold it and gave up the sport. I haven't totally ruled out another hang glider purchase now I have the space to keep it, but spare time would still be a problem. I also used to do a bit of canoeing, but give that up for the same reason I sold the hang glider. Years ago I also used to do a bit of snorkelling. but the water round Jersey wasn't really warm enough for me, specially when I outgrew my wetsuit!

I would like to be able to paint and draw well, but don't seem to have inherited the ability from my artist ancestors. Maybe one day I will take some lessons!

I love to go skiing, but as Zaryn doesn't ski we have reached a compromise where we go on a skiing holiday one year and a hot holiday the next. This works quite well for me as I can usually find interesting places to explore on the hot holiday, but not quite as good for Zaryn, left alone while I'm on the slopes during our skiing holiday, that's why we like Breckenridge USA, as at least it has an interesting and busy town as well as excellent skiing and the chalet accommodation is of a good standard.